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Leather Couches vs Fabric Couches

October 12, 2015

Couches are some of the biggest pieces of furniture in a living room. With the potential for such great impact, it is just appropriate to invest some time into thinking about what kind of the sofa to get. One of the main considerations should be the type of material used for the sofa.

Comfort and Variety: Fabric Couches in Ormond Beach

Fabric Couch in Ormond Beach When it comes to variety, Fabrics couches are unrivaled. You want color? The hues are endless. You want prints? They can come in every imaginable design. What about texture? Fabric couches can be smooth or rough, soft or firm.

The fabrics used for sofas are primarily chosen for their resilience. They need to be durable enough to tear and withstand the wear of everyday use. Usually, the materials are cotton, or a blend of cotton and polyester. A good way to determine the sturdiness of a fabric is to inspect its thickness. The material needs to feel strong against the fingers.

Fabric couches need consistent care to ensure that it maximizes its natural life span. Dust mites and stains are the enemy of fabric. There are solutions that can be applied to the surface of the sofa to make them water and spill-resistant. The owners should also dust and shampoo the sofa regularly to prevent deep staining.

Low-Maintenance Elegance: Leather Couches in Ormond Beach

Leather Fabric Couches in Ormond Beach The greatest advantage offered by leather couches is that they are built to last. Households with lots of activities will certainly benefit from choosing protected leather-- leather that is coated to protect it against scratches, fading and spills. This material is more than a match for children, pets or even both! Spills and dirt can easily be wiped off with some soapy water.

When it comes to leather couches, there are plenty of options. Aside from the textures, also consider the color. Leather couches do not just appear brown or black, although they are the classic choices. The characteristics of the sofa depend on the material used. My personal favorite are those made out of young cow hide, since the material tends to be comfortable and very soft. The sofa also looks better as it becomes worn down with age.

Another option is to use faux leather, which can be dyed to any color. I've seen leather couches in yellow, green, and even a hot pink. They don't look natural, but can certainly make interesting accents to a room's decor. Price-wise, faux leather is significantly lower than real leather. You can find faux leather couches at around the same price range as fabric ones.

Leather couches are not all good. Some people may find leather a bit warm to sit on when the weather is hot so before making the purchase, try sitting on the sofa for 10 minutes and see whether it's an issue for you.

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