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Tips for Cleaning Upholstery in Ormond Beach, Florida

October 12, 2016

Stained Upholstery in Ormond Beach

Odors and stains can cause costly damage to the upholstery in your Ormond Beach, Florida home, and following these basic cleaning tips can extend the life of your valuable investment:

The type of stain, as well as the length of time it has been on the furniture, and the type of fabric of your upholstery will determine the best way to remove it and have your upholstery looking like new again. Call the manufacturer or refer to the owner manual if you aren't sure what type of upholstery you have in your Florida home; it can mean the difference between having to get rid of that much loved piece of furniture, or using it again for many years.

The next step is to make sure that you don't damage your upholstery, by cleaning just a small part of it. Once you have determined that there isn't going to be any damage to the furniture in your Ormond Beach, Florida home, you can proceed to clean the other areas. Use these cleaning techniques on these common stains:

Getting Mold out of Your Upholstery in Ormond Beach

Lightly wipe the stain with a quarter of a teaspoon of color safe bleach mixed into a cup of hydrogen peroxide. Wash with warm water after applying this solution, and wait for it to dry.

Removing Coffee Stains from Your Upholstery in Ormond Beach, Florida

Most Florida homeowners like their coffee in the morning, and if some of that should spill on your upholstery, don't be too alarmed. An effective way to remove the coffee stain from your upholstery is to use a mix of water, vinegar and dish detergent. The upholstery in your Ormond Beach, Florida home will soon be looking its best again.

Grease Stains

Sprinkle some talcum powder, cornstarch or salt on the grease stain as soon as you notice the stain - the sooner the better. Brush the powder and grease from the upholstery once all the grease has been absorbed, and then use a damp cloth to wipe it.

In general, the longer a stain has been in your Ormond Beach, Florida upholstery, the more difficult it is to effectively remove it, making it essential to remove any stains as soon as you see them. However, if you have a stain on the upholstery in your Florida home that has been there for weeks, or even months, don't panic. Following the cleaning tips above means that even the most stubborn and noticeable of stains can be effectively removed from your valuable upholstery.

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